The Notorious Party Boy Soundtrack

I’m a few weeks late posting this only because I haven’t stopped listening to this mix! My good friends Roctakon (King of Mash) and Ross One aka NPBS have released The Notorious Party Boy Soundtrack. An eclectic mix of 80′s, current hits and classics inspired from parties, travels, favorite club nights, and Ross One getting “tasered”.

“We took the songs we heard, or wanted to hear, or were pissed we didn’t hear, or were pissed we didn’t hear them mixed better, and we did just that: Mixed them better. You want to know what it sounds like-me in the corner, my tongue down some chicks throat, my hand stuffed up her Alexander Wang dress, while Ross is signing all his credit card slips BMF and brawling with some dude that looks like the French Jared Leto” – Roctakon

Download The Notorious Party Boy Soundtrack

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