Expert DJs and longtime Fool’s Gold friends Sammy Bananas and Thee Mike B woke up early on their born day and ran directly to the studio, whipping up a gang of brand-new dance tracks as a gift-wrapped present to us all. Fifteenth is the result, a production duo par excellence[...]


Liquid Faces

Sean and Sam

The homies Sean Perry and Dj Sam French put together a super dope house mix for the people of the world (that’s you)… Some jammies you know, and others you will! A great mix for road trips, fist pumping and couch fucking. Read the little blurb below, download the mix[...]


Mas Trabajo


The Capts are voracious readers; many claim it as an exercise to maintain our aloof and condescending natures while others chalk it up to the ammunition necessary for those tangents that make conversing with us so pleasurable. In reality, it’s simply that we are intelligent and enjoy the written word.[...]


Pop Models 4


The homie JayCeeOh is back with a heavy new release. Pop Models volume 4 is a nonstop high energy party mix with eclectic selections, original edits, bootlegs, and exclusives sewn together with JayCeeOh’s signature style. The first full length release since winning 1st place at the 2011 McDonalds/Complex Magazine Flavor[...]


Banana Seat

Banana Seat2

These guys win for my favorite shit of 2011! Ryan Durkin and Ryan Sciaino, better known as “Ghostdad” are Banana Seat, and they rule! They have just released a new mix titled “Banana Tape” and I haven’t stopped listening all day. They also have some ill tunes coming out which[...]